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Принтеры Lomond В Северо-Восточной Азии


The invitation-only event took place at the Global Business & Convention Centre in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia this week, with around 20 local and Southeast Asia reseller companies present.

Galaxy is partnering with Lomond to bring the Memjet-powered Evojet Office 2 closer to this part of the globe. Distribution territories of the Lomond Evojet series here by the Malaysian-based Galaxy include the Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Speaking to reseller companies present during the two hour exclusive product launch, top representatives from Galaxy Automation Sdn Bhd spoke at length of the Lomond Evojet’s superiority in print speed at 60 color pages per minute, borderless edge-to-edge full page printing, and costs-saving efficiencies with genuine ink refill options.

With the soon-to-be-revealed Evojet Office Pro MFP model already in the pipeline, Galaxy is expected to be playing a major part in marketing and distributing the Memjet-powered Lomond Evojet Office printers in the Southeast Asia region in the coming months.

Reseller Launch Seminar

Live Demonstration of Lomond Evojet Office 2 Printer & CartRegen Refilling Station

Live Printing of Lomond Evojet Office 2 printer on different paper media

Galaxy Executives posing with Philippines and Brunei Reseller.

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